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Photoelectric Proximity Switches With Foreground Suppression (FGS)
  • Detection of low objects. E.G. on conveyor belt. Objects. Which reduce distance from scanning plane to sensor. are detected.

Photoelectric Proximity Switches With Background Suppression (BGS)
  • Detection of objects within a defined scanning range, Objects beyond this range are not detected.

Through-Beam Photoelectric Switches
  • Separate sender and receiver (2 devices)
  • Very large scanning ranges
  • High operating reserves
  • Reliable detection of both transparent and reflective objects.
Photoelectric Proximity Switches
  • Separate and receiver in one housing
  • No reflector required
  • Reacts to light reflected off object to be detected
  • Photoelectric proximity switches. Energetic
  • Scanning ranges/switching point can be set by adjust sensitivity
Photoelectric Reflex Switches
  • Sender and receiver in one housing
  • Reflector required
  • Different reflector sizes for different ranges and object sizes
  • large scanning ranges
  • Polarisation filters also allow reflective objects to be detected -automatic sensitivity adjustment with "Teach In" sensors

Robust. Functional. Complex Series with various
Laser light for
 long-range scanning

Reliable switching in hazardous areas

Modular options for maximum
range of different applications

Contrast Scanners

  • Can distinguish up to 30 shades of grey between black and white
  • Switching threshold can be set manually or by teach-in (static or dynamic)
  • High switching frequency
  • Can detect print marks. Using difference in contrast between the marks and the background
  • Also available with fibre-optic cables

Luminescence Scanners
  • React to luminescent substances
  • Detect markings otherwise invisible to the naked eye
  • Scanning range adjusted by changing lens
  • Also available with fibre-optic cables

Colour Sensors
  • Identification. Checking and sorting according to colour
  • Precise colour recognition using transmitted and incidental light
  • Detection of up to three colours
  • Simple programming by means of teach-in
  • Also available with fibre-optic cables

Fork Sensors
  • Sender and receiver in one housing
  • Large number of different fork width
  • Can be precisely adjusted to the object
  • Detection of minute difference in light intensity

Light Grids
  • Through-beam (MLG) and reflection system (WLG)
  • Two-Dimensional detection range
  • Recording and counting irregular objects
  • Measuring and sorting different heights
  • Presence and protrusion monitoring
  • SAG monitoring for web-shaped material
  • Teach-in function
  • Software-supported user-friendly parameterization and user guidance via application wizards (MLG)

Distance Sensors
  • Non-contact. Precise distance measurement with red or laser light
  • Large operational ranges
  • High resolution
  • Easy to use thanks to programmable parameters or teach-in
  • Serial interfaces. Also SSI for further eternal processing
  • Can be coupled to profibus, interbus-s, devicenet bus.
  • Used for positioning cranes, automated guided vechile systems, rack serving units as well as for fill-level monitoring, loop control and detecting minute parts to UM tolerances

IR Data Transmission Photoelectric Switches
  • Cableless transmission of data
  • Bidirectional communication between sender and receiver
  • Low cable installation and maintenance costs
  • High degree of immunity against ambient light
  • large operational ranges
  • Compatible with Profibus, Interbus and SSI AND SSI

  • Standard sensing ranges
  • Enchanced sensing ranges
  • Miniature versions
  • Short versions
  • NAMUR sensors for zone1 applications
  • DC 2/3/4-wire
  • AC, UC 2-wire
  • Flush or non-flush installation
  • NO or NC function
  • Cable or plug connector

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